That's Brisbane Website

Website mockups for a 7 page tourism website for Brisbane.

I did an Intro to Web Design class at uni and we had to come up with a 7 page website of our choosing. I chose to create a tourism website for Brisbane, Australia. It would provide updated information of upcoming events & festivals, great places for food & drinks, a social page, gallery page, calendar and contact page. After the mockups were finished the next step was writing the HTML & CSS code for the website. 
The home page would be a full screen image that cycles through a number of different images of Brisbane to highlight the beauty of the city.
The Events & Festivals page is the best place to go for anything that's happening in Brisbane.
The Food & Drinks page will feature new and upcoming spots in Brisbane that serves great food and offers the best drinks in town. 
A photo gallery of all the events that have passed so you can check it out for the future or see if there were any snaps of you at the event. 
Social Media. It's become an important aspect of today's culture. This page will find images or posts from a number of different social media platforms and group them all together onto this page. This will highlight the people, places and events happening in and around Brisbane.
The calendar page will highlight the biggest events happening each month but there will also be links to all events in Brisbane.
The contact page is simple and easy to follow with a section to send any questions through, a map of Brisbane and the address and opening times of the That's Brisbane office.
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